Final Project Webinar - 27th April 2021

Session 1 Video

​What is Urban Natural Capital – in Singapore and around the world?

Session 2 Video – Part 1

​How can information on Natural Capital inform decision-making?

Session 2 Video – Part 2

​How can information on Natural Capital inform decision-making?

Session 1 Slides

Natural Capital Singapore - project summary by Dr Dan Friess, NUS, Department of Geography (Lead PI)


Integrating ecosystem services into urban planning by Dr Anne Guerry, Natural Capital Project


An Official Gross Ecosystem Product (GEP) Accounting System at Shenzhen by Dr Baolong Han, CAS, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences


Session 2 Slides

From system knowledge to transformation – how advanced are we in integrating Natural Capital in decision-making by Prof Adrienne Gret-Regamey, ETH (Lead PI)


Urban Natural Capital Accounting and Investment by Ian Dickie, Eftec


Natural Capital in decision-making by Prof Thomas Elmqvist, Stockholm Resilience Centre


Research Videos

Equity of urban regulatory ecosystem service supply Singapore by Andrea Law, NUS, Department of Biological Sciences

A natural capital risk registry for Singapore by Ashleen Tan, NUS, Department of Geography

People's dynamic adaptations to changes in green space supply by Yan Yanyun, NUS, Department of Biological Sciences

Multi-functional mangroves by Jahson Alemu I, NUS, Department of Geography

Assessing the recreational value of Singapore's coral reefs by Gwendolyn Chow, NTU, Asian School of the Environment

The dynamism of Singapore's Terrestrial Ecosystems by Leon Gaw, Singapore ETH Centre

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